Moonchild is a band from just outside Vancouver. BC, in Canada. They play a variety of genres including:

  • Rock
  • Psychedelic
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Lounge
  • Folk
  • Blues

The members have said that the band's genre is Blues-Metal

Early DaysEdit

Moonchild began as a 3 piece, with Stephan Brunet as Lead Guitar, Ryan McCreedy on Drums, and David Parent on bass. However, difficulties within the band caused David to be let go, and Josh Haldin was his replacement.

Originally, the band was called the Echos, and months later, it was changed to the Domino Effect. Sebastian Fralic soon joined as rythm guitarist. Because of lazy band members and their lack of creativity, Stephan and Sebastian went on to do a side project called Making a Nation. After many band members coming here and there and all over, the band finally settled on the name Moonchild, which was what they were going to call one of the songs they had written.

Later DaysEdit

Moonchild's Current lineup is as follows

  • Stephan Brunet
    • Lead Guitar
  • Sebastian Fralic
    • Rythm Guitar/Vocals
  • Cory Gauthier
    • Bass
  • Korey Hart
    • Drums

Inspiration and MusesEdit

Moonchild is inspired by the mysterious and unseen, and the grass of god's earth. Good friend Jonathan Bayley has been involved with the band for some time now, and is the subject of the band's song "heaven tree"

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