Morcheeba is a British band mixing influences from trip hoprhythm and blues and pop music combines.

The band was founded in 1995 by brothers DJ Paul Godfrey and Ross Godfrey and singer Skye Edwards.

The first album, Who Can You Trust (1996) contains clear influences of rock band Massive Attack. The subsequent albums Big Calm (1998), Fragments of Freedom (2000) and Charango (2002) are clearly less dark and melancholic, and tend more toward pop music and trip hop.

After appearance of an album with highlights, Parts of the Process, in april 2004, Skye Edwards left the band, reportedly because the Godfrey brothers another musical direction on wanted. Daisy Martey, former member of the band Noonday Underground, came in the place of Skye and took care of the vocals on the album The Antidote, that appeared on 5 May 2005. For the livetournee was replaced by another singer, Jody M. Sternberg. In 2010 singer Skye Edwards returned back to the two brothers and she was featured on the album Blood Like Lemonade.

Morcheeba is known to the general public of the fire-advertising, with the song Wonders never Cease.


[hide]*1 discography




Of Who Can You Trust?

  • "Trigger Hippie" 1996
  • "Never an Easy Way" 1996
  • "Tape Loop" 1996
  • "The Music That We Hear" (Moog Island) 1997

By Big Calm

  • "Shoulder Holster" 1997
  • "The Sea" 1998
  • "Blindfold" 1998
  • "Let Me See" 1998
  • "Part of the Process" 1998
  • "Summertime" 1998

By Fragments of Freedom

  • "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" 2000
  • "Be Yourself" 2000
  • "World Looking In" 2001

By Charango

  • "Otherwise" 2002
  • "Way Beyond" 2002
  • "Undress Me Now" 2002

Of Parts of the Process

  • "What's Your Name?" 2003

Of The Antidote

  • "Wonders Never Cease" 2005
  • "Lighten Up" 2005
  • "Everybody Loves a Loser" 2005



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Dive deep 2007 01-03-2008 82 1

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