More Fire than hell is a cd from Inland Empire rapper exampl . Exampl is a member of the rap group Rough Draft . This is his 1st official Lp . He has stated in iterviews that the cd will have just about every kind of song you can make , and will also go back to his political roots . It is rumored that exampl has a song where he shreds apart the united states government by stating "they'll come kill you tonight". These powerful words have had andrew (aka exampl) in the middle of a big dispute . Ex has stated that he is a liberal who cares for the people . " i dont like what bush is doing , and if i have anything to say about it , it wont be going on for much longer , cause this fag*t needs to understand , lives are at steak " . Andrew says that this is his favorte cd ever and it really brought out his creative side . I stayed up all night on some days just writing lyrics and practicing songs . It was crazie , but i got through it " . It is also rumored that he actually calls out a fellow rapper on "2 sides" . This has not been confirmed .

More Fire Than Hell

Track list

  1. 2 sides
  2. Burn
  3. Brand New (Feat. AJG)
  4. Say Goodybye
  5. Upgraded (Feat. Black Ice & Tha Young'N)
  6. What's Gunna Happen
  7. Into The Night
  8. Shook One
  9. Say Goodbye (Remix) (Feat. AJG)
  10. I Don't Believe You (Skit)
  11. I Don't Need You (Feat. AJG)
  12. It's Hard To Pray
  13. Burn (Remix)(Feat. AJG)
  14. Jealous
  15. What's Friends
  16. Chopped and Screwed (Slow Verson)
  17. This Life (Feat Espanto)
  18. Take Away The Pain
  • -Limited Edition Bonus Track-

More fire than hell was released on June 6th 2007 . 2 days before its orgional date .

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