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Artist: T.H. White

Date Released: October 19, 2004

Label: Gammon

Produced By:


  1. 1973
  2. The Way I Do
  3. More Than Before, Pts. 2 & 3
  4. Hometown
  5. The Light Beyond
  6. More Than Before, Pt. 1
  7. Openings
  8. Desert Sky
  9. Passage of Time


Apparently T.H. White is one of NYC’s premier producers… what exactly he has produced I am unaware of. His new solo outing, More Than Before, is a compilation of house grooves and funky loops. The album is very dance-y, and is more comfortable in a club than at a rock show. It rides the line of cheesy neo-jazz and decent Brit house… especially with the heavy use of the jazz flute (which I love to hate, or is it hate to love?). The record is upbeat yet remains mellow and smooth, and includes influences from 70s soul and trip-hop. Most of the instrumentation is handled by White, but the vocals are shared by a number of unknown female artists; a couple of the songs even have a large world influence to them. I think that he really shines during the instrumentals, especially when things are more simple and less cluttered. This is a decent record at best, but will do very little to expand your horizons. Mpardaiolo

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