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Mortal Massacre
Mortal Massacre
EP by Mortician
Released August 3, 1991
Genre Death metal
Length 59:30
Label Relapse Records
Producer Roger J. Beaujard, Will Rahmer
Mortician chronology
Brutally Mutilated
Mortal Massacre
House by the Cemetery

Mortal Massacre is the second EP release by New York death metal band Mortician. It consists of their Brutally Mutilated 7" vinyl EP and Mortal Massacre (hence the title) 7" vinyl EP, and live tracks recorded at two separate shows.

Original issuingEdit

Originally, Mortal Massacre was issued August, 1991, as a 7" vinyl EP by Relapse Records.[1] The cover artwork was a photo of actor Angus Scrimm in his role as "The Tall Man" from the Don Coscarelli film Phantasm.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Intro / Mortal Massacre" (Night of the Living Dead) 6:06
2. "Drilling for Brains"   0:52
3. "Redrum / Outro" (The Shining) 5:27


CD releaseEdit

After the 7" release went out-of-print, Relapse Records later issued Mortal Massacre as a cd with additional tracks.[2]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Intro / Mortal Massacre" (Night of the Living Dead) 6:07
2. "Drilling for Brains"   0:52
3. "Redrum / Outro" (The Shining) 5:27
4. "Intro / Mortician"   3:25
5. "Brutally Mutilated"   0:40
6. "Necrocannibal / Outro"   4:47
7. "Mortal Massacre" (Live) 3:42
8. "Brutally Mutilated" (Live) 1:25
9. "Necrocannibal" (Live) 5:12
10. "Drilling for Brains" (Live) 1:18
11. "Hacked up for Barbecue" (Live) 3:04
12. "Redrum" (Live) 3:53
13. "Bloodcraving" (Live) 3:28
14. "Cremated" (Live) 1:55
15. "Mortician" (Live) 2:50
16. "Brutally Mutilated" (Live - Different Version) 1:02
17. "Drilling for Brains" (Live - Different Version) 1:04
18. "Bloodcraving" (Live - Different Version) 3:23
19. "Scum" (Live - Napalm Death Cover) 2:40
20. "Mortician" (Live - Different Version) 3:17
Total length:


Third issuingEdit

The Mortal Massacre cd has since gone out-of-print. In 2004 Relapse Records re-released the cd as part of a two-for-one package along with the House by the Cemetery cd.[3]

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