Mostly Recycled
Studio album by joe DOE
Released June 24, 2011
Genre sykophunk, rap/hip hop
Label Sykophunk Productions

joe DOE - Mostly Recycled album art

Mostly Recycled
is an album by joe DOE. It features a mix of old and new lyrics performed over beats from highly acclaimed underground producers from Shadowville Productions and Anno Domini. The official retail version of the album contains twelve tracks; advance copies were made available to fans for a limited time, split into two volumes containing numerous bonus tracks.

Track listingEdit

  1. Can't Stand No More
  2. Fight
  3. Epic Awesomeness 3.0
  4. Dusk Till Dawn 2.0
  5. For the Whores
  6. Underground Famous
  7. Keep It Real
  8. Lyrical Labyrinth
  9. Undying
  10. Obsession
  11. Pray 2.0
  12. Lies

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