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"Move on Fast" is a song by Yoko Ono, originally released in 1972 on the album Approximately Infinite Universe, and on the B-side to the single "Now or Never".[1] The song was later included on Ono's compilation album Onobox.[2]


 [hide*1 Composition


In contrast to the folksy Dylan-esque single "Now or Never" song that the song was originally released as a B-side to, "Move on Fast" is described by Yoko Ono as an "offbeat pop/rock sound", which also draws from bopbig band swing, and "razor-sharp feminist rock."[3]

Chart performance[edit]Edit

The song became Yoko Ono's sixth consecutive number-one hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart and her eighth number-one hit overall.[4]

Track listing[edit]Edit

  • Digital download (Disc One)[5]
  1. "Move on Fast" (Richard Morel Radio Edit) – 4:25
  2. "Move on Fast" (Richard Morel Vocal) – 7:54
  3. "Move on Fast" (Timmy Loop Bluelight Club) – 7:14
  4. "Move on Fast" (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Vocal) – 8:59
  5. "Move on Fast" (TWISTED Sound+Vision Club) – 7:18
  6. "Move on Fast" (Ralphi Rosario Dub) – 8:15
  7. "Move on Fast" (Richard Morel Dub) – 7:17
  8. "Move on Fast" (Timmy Loop Infinity Dub) – 6:27
  9. "Move on Fast" (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Dub) – 6:59
  10. "Move on Fast" (TWISTED Sound+Vision Dub) – 4:43
  • Digital download (Disc Two)[6]
  1. "Move on Fast" (Emjae Club) – 6:40
  2. "Move on Fast" (Chris the Greek Club) – 8:02
  3. "Move on Fast" (Digital Dog Club) – 6:10
  4. "Move on Fast" (Yiannis Acceleration Club) – 7:43
  5. "Move on Fast" (Emjae Dubstramental) – 6:40
  6. "Move on Fast" (Emjae Underwater Dub) – 4:53
  7. "Move on Fast" (Chris the Greek Dub) – 5:56
  8. "Move on Fast" (Digital Dog Dub) – 6:25
  9. "Move on Fast" (Yiannis Acceleration Dub) – 7:44
  10. "Move on Fast" (Digital Dog Radio Edit) – 3:41
  11. "Move on Fast" (Yiannis Acceleration Radio Edit) – 3:40
  • Digital download (Disc Three)[7]
  1. "Move on Fast" (Dave Audé Club Mix) – 7:55
  2. "Move on Fast" (Dave Audé Club Dub) – 7:24
  3. "Move on Fast" (Dave Audé Dub Dub) – 7:24
  4. "Move on Fast" (Dave Audé Mixshow) – 6:25
  5. "Move on Fast" (Dave Audé Radio Mix) – 4:26
  6. "Move on Fast" (Wawa Club Mix) – 7:11
  7. "Move on Fast" (Wawa Dub) – 5:56
  8. "Move on Fast" (Wawa Club Instrumental) – 7:11
  9. "Move on Fast" (Wawa Radio Mix) – 3:56


Weekly charts[edit]Edit

Chart (2011) Peak


US Hot Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[8] 1

Year-end charts[edit]Edit

Chart (2011) Position
US Hot Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[9] 21

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