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"Move Your Body" is a single by Eiffel 65, released in 1999. The CD single contains the following tracks:

  1. "Move Your Body" (Original Club) 05:56
  2. "Move Your Body" (Radio Edit) 04:30
  3. "Move Your Body" (Video Mix) 03:31
  4. "Move Your Body" (Speed Remix) 05:33
  5. "Move Your Body" (Speed Radio Edit) 03:33
  6. "Move Your Body" (Forge Remix) 07:05
  7. "Move Your Body" (Casino Machine Paris Dub) 07:01
  8. "Move Your Body" (Parish Remix) 7:03

Charts Edit

#1 Italy, #1 Israel, #1 Belgium, #1 Finland, #1 Russia, #1 Denmark, #1 Spain, #1 Switzerland, #1 France, #1 Norway, #1 Austria, #1 Netherlands, #1 Sweden, #1 Europa, #2 Australia, #3 United Kingdom, #4 Ireland, #4 Germany, #7 Latvia

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