Artist: Bolt

Date Released:


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  1. The Devil's Paintbrush
  2. Struker
  3. Anaphase
  4. Variables
  5. Invasion
  6. Skydiving with a Life Preserver
  7. Vendetta
  8. Knocking on 9
  9. Vanilla
  10. Solar
  11. Kick


It’s always nice to hear an up and coming band that is not pop-punk or hardcore or some nausiating combination of the two, and Bolt is nowhere near either of those genres. Their jazzy math-rock has been gracing the Columbia, SC local scene for a good couple of years now, and it’s really a shame that they have not gotten bigger than they have. The trio is made up of Bill Elliot (drums), Geoff Maxey (bass) and Heyward Sims (guitar), and this particular album was recorded with Steve Slavich at the Jam Room. It is almost an entirely instrumental album with only a few distant screams hear and there. They have progressed from their previous albums into a slightly more spacey sound experimenting with effects pedals and other manipulation. Everything is crisp and clear, with an emphasis on structure and skill rather than show and hook. Bolt is a relatively untapped resource that any start-up label could benefit from and a flagship artist. Mpardaiolo