Creator of the Mix: JackSparrow

Initial Notes About The Mix: Movie Script Version 1 (Promotional CD) is a Promotional CD that I (JackSparrow) have planned for the release of a movie based on a novel I am writing, that I plan on turning into a movie (hence, the work-in-progress title: Movie Script Version 1).

  • Movie Script Version 1 (Promotional CD)
  • Note: This CD contains no Parental Advisory, as all the tracks are Edited Versions.
  • Note: This is a Promotional CD, released beforehand to promote the movie.
  • Note: The Official 2-CD Soundtrack will be released after the movie.


  1. "A.06" (Linkin Park)
  2. "In Stereo" (Fort Minor)
  3. "Buy Myself" (Marilyn Manson Remix) (Linkin Park)
  4. "My D>smbr" (Reanimated by Mickey P. & Kelli Ali) (Linkin Park)
  5. "Where'd You Go" (Fort Minor featuring Holly Brook)
  6. "Standing In The Middle" (Mike Shinoda featuring Motion Man)
  7. "Pts.Of.Athrty" (Crystal Method Remix) (Linkin Park)
  8. "It's Goin' Down:Linkin Park & The X-EcutionersIt's Goin' Down (Instrumental Version)" (Linkin Park & The X-Ecutioners)
  9. "Numb/Encore (Instrumental Version)" (Linkin Park & Jay-Z)
  10. "Remember The Name (Instrumental Version)" (Fort Minor featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  11. "Petrified (Instrumental Version)" (Fort Minor)
  12. "Nobody's Listening" (Linkin Park)
  13. "There They Go" (Fort Minor featuring Sixx John)
  14. "X-Ecutioner Style" (Linkin Park featuring The X-Ecutioners and Black Thought)
  15. "Slip Out The Back" (Fort Minor featuring Mr. Hahn)
  16. "Numb" (Linkin Park)
  17. "Dedicated (Demo 1999)" (Linkin Park)
  18. "Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo)" (Linkin Park)
  19. "By_Myslf" (Reanimated by Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda) (Linkin Park)
  20. "Hit The Floor" (Linkin Park)
  21. "Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down" (Linkin Park)
  22. "Part Of Me (Demo)" (Linkin Park)
  23. "Enth E Nd" (Reanimated by Kutmasta Kurt & Motion Man) (Linkin Park)
  24. "High Road" (Fort Minor featuring John Legend)
  25. "Session" (Linkin Park)

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