Mr. Beatz, is an American record producer and songwriter from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Multifaceted producer Mr. Beatz has been infiltrating the music scene the past few months producing beats for some of Cash Money’s top prominent artists. His passion and keen ear for music has paved the way for this dynamic young producer to mingle and work with some of the biggest names in the industry including Birdman, Lil Wayne, Brisco, Mack Maine, Lil Twist, Kevin Rudolf, and Slim. Influenced by multi-genres of music, Mr. Beatz strives to produce a unique sound appealing to a mass audience enabling his production style to have infinite bounds. The past year Mr. Beatz has produced two chart topping singles including the Brisco smash hit “Just Know Dat” and the break through single “Always Strapped” off of Birdman’s fourth studio album.

Early lifeEdit

Born Rondell Cobbs II in Putuxin, Maryland on April 3, 1985, Mr. Beatz was raised in Virginia Beach, the same area that housed some of the pioneer artists in the industry including Missy Elliot, Pharrell Williams and his biggest inspiration Timbaland. Beatzs’ passion for music started at age six starting out creating music with his sister, her singing along with his created sounds. Growing up he was actively involved in the band learning to play percussion before adding the saxophone and piano to his list of talents. Outside of school he connected with his local church singing and playing instruments for Sunday sermons. It was later in high school a disagreement with his band teacher resulting in his dismissal from the band would be the catalyst in breaking away from the musical conformity he was accustomed to pursue his own dreams.

In his sophomore year of high school, Mr. Beatz alongside his two best friends began producing tracks with the only equipment available to them, a Yamaha DJX and a tape recorder they used to dub tapes over one another creating multi-tracks. Initially the passion for producing was merely for personal gratification until several friends and family members’ encouragement inspired him to pursue his passion professionally. Mr. Beatz enrolled in REC (Recording Workshop School of Audio & Music Production) and graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. Upon graduation he began his career working in a local studio in Virginia Beach as an engineer where he met his current manager Josh Berkman and began producing music with all the necessary equipment at his disposal. It was later when Berkman began working with producer/ artist Kevin Rudolf and Cash Money that he introduced Mr. Beatz to the industry conglomerates Slim and Baby.

Musical careerEdit

Mr. Beatz produced the Brisco feat. Lil Wayne track “Just Know Dat”, while residing in Virginia Beach. The Virginia Beach produced but Miami style vibe on the track appealed to a mass audience reaching #13 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Chart in 2008. The success of “Just Know Dat” opened the door for Mr. Beatz to start working closely with Baby on “Always Strapped”, which will appear on Birdman’s fourth album.

Mr. Beatz produced four versions of “Always Strapped” from March 09’-June 09’ for Cash Money in an effort to prove himself to the music mogul, his forth attempt at the track was rejected by Baby. Slim then contacted Mr. Beatz requesting to bring the fourth version back and fuse it with the original version, Slim recognizing something unique in both styles. Birdmans’ “Always Strapped” debuted on itunes in March 2009, ft. Lil Wayne, produced by Mr. Beatz and Lil C’. There are two version of the hit single along with two videos for the song “Always Strapped” and “Always Strapped Remix” ft. Birdman, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. Always Strapped has topped the Billboard charts reaching #65 on the US Billboard Hot 100, #10 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs, and #6 on the US Billboard Hot Rap Tracks. The “Always Strapped Remix” increased radio airplay and growing popularity in nightclubs across the country are signs the single will continue to grow in the upcoming months.

After “Always Strapped” was originally released, Mr. Beatz relocated to Miami, Florida permanently and began working full time on Birdman’s fourth album. The popularity of his recent successes have put Mr. Beatz in contract negotiations to be signed full time with Cash Money. With his talent and passion the young producer has proven to be destined for success. Beatz is also the lead producer to work with newly recruited Cash Money Records artist Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton's project consists of an Electronic Dance & Pop vibe. Beatz produced both lead singles Come Alive] and High off My Love for Paris Hilton in 2014.

References Edit

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