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Founded: 1986

Headquarters: Berkley, CA

Website Link(s): Official Site




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Sometimes a 3-piece, sometimes a 4-piece, the Mr. T Experience has both outlived its name-reference (named at a time when Mr. T had basically everything under the sun -- cereals, toys, whathaveyou, and they decided he should have a Punk Band, too) and completely changed its lineup. Dr. Frank is the only original member of the band, and it's changed under him from a more straight-forward punk band to a more pop-punk sounding band (with other influences, like 1960's Garage and 60s Pop (much like one of their main influences, The Ramones). Currently, they're a four-piece, although it's the first time in about ten years. They're also known as MTX -- in fact, the most recent album only has the full band name in the sleeve notes, prompting some (more clueless) record stores to put the album with a new traycard reading "MTX"... which, of course, tends to end up a little ways away from the Mr. T Experience bin.





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