The Mulloy Brothers are a traditional Irish ballad group from Mulranny, County Mayo, on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland. Tom, Pat, Martin and Michael Mulloy have been performing since 1965,[1] in a career that has involved several tours around the US and Europe. They still tour today, albeit almost strictly in their own domain.

The group were formed when the members were as gasúrs that performed during intervals at concerts and theatre plays around County Mayo. After lounge bar singing became popular in Ireland in the 1960s, they became the resident band at Corrigan's Singing Lounge in Mulranny, and began touring the country.[2]

Michael Mulloy died of cancer on 8 February 2007 aged 57, and banjo player Martin Mulloy died on 22 May 2010, drowning in a boating accident. He was 58 years old.[1]



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