Mushaboom has two music videos; the first features Feist flying out of an apartment window where a crowd is beginning to gather in the streets to watch her. She grabs an acoustic guitar and begins to play, floating up into the sky again as the crowd starts to dance all around her. One woman in a pink shirt (Peaches) attempts to pull her back down, but she keeps floating back up; this repeats until finally Feist lets go of the guitar and it floats away. Later, Feist runs toward a merry-go-round at a carnival and hops onto a white horse that immediately becomes alive. Feist rides the horse in the streets, the crowd from before following her, including Peaches, who is holding what appears to be a devil's spear. As the crowd splits up in two different directions, Feist floats up off of the horse and into her apartment. She walks into her bedroom where the mattress pops up from behind her and the blanket covers her; a plant inside the room reaches into the lampshade and turns off the light as the mattress floats back down to the ground.

The second video features Feist singing the song in a dark blue dress in various scenes such as a mountain region, a forest, a meadow and in the clouds throughout different times of the day.

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