Musicial Genius
EP by Sneezy Slik
Released 9/27/08
Recorded April-September 2008
Genre Lyrical, Rap
Length 27:05
Label N/A
Producer Shelton Peniston
DJ Kaytradam
Yung Grantz
Sneezy Slik chronology
Musicial Genius In My Darkest Dreams

Musicial Genius is the title of the debut EP from lyrical rapper, Sneezy Slik. It was declared for release on 8/27/08 however it ended up being released on 9/27/08 (A month later).

Original Line upEdit

The original line up for the CD was about 20 tracks and it would've been two EPs. However Shelton said thats more like an album and it would be pretty silly. So he narrowed it down to 6 tracks to make it an official EP and due to the short amount of time.


Shelton stated he would release an EP before the year of 2008 was over, and after numerous name changes he finally settled for the title "Musicial Genius". He also wen't through an extensive features list, and finally narrowed it down to his preferences.


Although complete, Shelton has not uploaded it on any site, particularly MySpace. Shelton stated he was disappointed and "Half the people didn't come through" but regardless the CD was released quietly onto the internet, with a select few rappers knowing about it.


  1. What They Want (Intro) (Samples "For the Love of You" by The Isley Brothers)
  2. S3x Sh00ter (Samples "Sex Shooter" by Apollonia 6)
  3. WHIPPED (Samples "Im Your Puppet" by The Masquerades)
  4. More Luv Anthem (Samples "More Love" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)
  5. Hear Heather Crying (Always) (Samples Vocals from Anita Baker)
  6. Summer Flings Feat.Chris Burch

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