Artist: Dumbwaiters

Date Released: 2004

Label: Fiani

Produced By:


  1. Wow
  2. The Blow Up
  3. Repeats/Version
  4. The Nothings
  5. Panik
  6. Icons (Too Many People)
  7. Vertigo
  8. ESP
  9. Lines
  10. Emergency
  11. Untitled


First of all, when a band describes its sound as, “dark pop art-rock adult noises versus dub-dance-drone____nothingness,” I pay attention. Secondly, when a press release describes the band as “minimalist, bouncy pop that has been fused to blasts of aggressive guitar, raising ill-fitting comparisons to early Wire and The Fall alongside the previous Roxy Music-meets-Faust-meets-Lee “Scratch” Perry analogies,” I pay attention. Thirdly, when the band's sound actually somehow lives up to these completely ridiculous descriptions, I tip my hat to those wonderful people. Tampa, Florida’s Dumbwaiters have been around since 1997, but since have survived countless member and instrument changes experimenting with everything from a three-guitar line-up to being basically electric piano and bass. Whoever still actually remains in the band since those days past are doing a damn fine job in creating this latest conoctation of their sound. Musick is a fun exploration into new wave, dub and krautrock (70s german movement from prog-rock to more mechanical and electronic sounds aka Can, Faust) which then jumps forward to garage rock and catchy indie-rock then doubles back through, but this time taking each style in a different order; then comes the second track... If there was ever a need for an heir to the experimental rock throne left vacant by the members of Can, Dumbwaiters would be first in line to leave their imprint in the velvety cushions. Mpardaiolo