Musique was a studio project by Patrick Adams, best known for the song "In the Bush." It consisted of five singersChristine Wiltshire, Angela Howell, Gina Taylor Pickens, Mary Seymour Williams and Jocelyn Brown.


 [hide*1 Career


Recorded originally as a "low budget" project at Bob Blank's Blank Tape Studios (the tracking session was completed in four hours), the album Keep on Jumpin' contained only four cuts: "Keep on Jumpin'," "Summer Love," "In the Bush" and "Summer Love Theme." Adams, known for his arranging, wrote the horn section parts as the studio musicians sat waiting.[citation needed] Those musicians included Skip McDonald and Doug Wimbish who were among the musicians later responsible for much of the backing work at Sugarhill Records before teaming up to become known as Tackhead in the 1980s, collaborating with Adrian Sherwood on numerous works on his label ON-U Sound.

Due to the overtly sexual lyrics of "In the Bush" many radio stations banned it when it was released during 1978. Because of limited airplay it only scored #58 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #21 on the Black Singles Chart, although it did top the Hot Dance Club Play chart along with the second single "Keep on Jumpin'". Their second big hit, "Keep on Jumpin'" was another club success peaking at #1 on the Disco and Hot Dance Club Play chart. The song crossed over to the urban market and peaked at #81 on the Black Singles chart. Musique's debut album peaked at #62 on the Billboard 200 chart. The vocalists on the first LP Keep on Jumpin' were a pre-solo career Jocelyn Brown, Angela Howell, Gina Tharps and Christine Wiltshire. On the second LP Musique II, released in 1979, Mary Seymour, Denise Edwards and Gina Taylor took the lead vocals. Both albums were released on the Prelude Records label. "Love Massage" became another successful club hit, but failed to crossover to either the R&B or pop markets.

Musique broke up by the early 1980s. Adams continued to be an in-demand record producer.




  • "In the Bush" 1978 - UK #16 and US #58[1]
  • "Keep on Jumpin'"
  • "Love Massage"
  • "Glide"
  • "Good and Plenty Lover"
  • "Number One"
  • "Summer Love Theme"

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