Artist: Beck

Date Released: November 3, 1998

Label: Geffen

Produced By: Beck and Nigel Godrich


  1. Cold Brains
  2. Nobody's Fault But My Own
  3. Lazy Flies
  4. Canceled Check
  5. We Live Again
  6. Tropicalia
  7. Dead Melodies
  8. Bottle Of Blues
  9. O Maria
  10. Sing It Again
  11. Static
  12. Diamond Bollocks (unlisted bonus track)


This is one of my favorite Beck albums (along side his Midnite Vultures record), although it didn't seem to do that well. I think people wanted another Odelay, which is all well and good, but I think this album is much, much more successful than that one. (Though I should go back to it, I found Odelay really rather monotonous—one of those albums where the sound is good for a 3 minute single, but kind of grates for an hour.) This album is more exotica flavored. It's one I tend to play for people, though it seems that people like Midnite Vultures better, even when I expect they'll dig this one more. Either way, though. Anyway, pretty much every track on here is excellent—even the bonus track, which I love, but was understandably unlisted—it's a great song, but does NOT fit the sound of the rest of the album at all, being a basically straight-forward rock song... or at least, as straight-forward as Beck gets. Which is to say, well, not really. It's really catchy, though. Of the stuff that actually sounds like it's supposed to be on this record, though, the lead single "Tropicalia" is outstanding, as well as "Nobody's Fault But My Own" (all the stuff on Sea Change wanted to be this song, but totally failed) and "Cold Brains". I'm not sure if opinion has come back around on this record. I sure hope it has, though—it's a great one. Though a lot of Beck records are good, if I had to, I could make do with selling the rest of them and just keeping this one and Midnite Vultures. And if I had to choose between those two... it'd be very tough, but I think I might go with Mutations. But I'd miss Midnite Vultures deeply. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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