Artist: Talkdemonic

Date Released: 2004

Label: Lucky Madison

Produced By:


  1. I Am the Son and the Heiress
  2. Dec27
  3. Final Russian
  4. In the Machinery of Night
  5. Indian Angel
  6. Blood Dripped from Yr Eyes
  7. Mutiny Sunshine
  8. Versus the Above
  9. Starry Dynamo
  10. Andean Twilight
  11. The Last Untouched
  12. Eardrum Symphony
  13. When I Spent October with Erik
  14. The Snow Melted, It Was Goodnight


While so many one-man bands out there have enlisted drum machines to back their individual styles, a man named Kevin O’Conner, or Talkdemonic, plays live drums while pre-programmed instruments delicately dance in and out of the backdrop. Out of Portland, O’Conner is part of the upcoming folktronica movement paralleling his style to The Books or Four Tet, though not quite on the level that ables him to dismiss such catergorizations like the aforementioned has. In fact, Talkdemonic would fit wonderfully on a bill next to Deceptikon, Eliot Lipp and Neutrino for a night of up and coming artists specializing in reflective downtempo. O’Conner's drumming style is able to slide into a tight groove but reflects more hip-hop than jazz. The accompaning music, a combination of guitars, strings, samples, beats, and woodwinds, is melodic and unobtrusive. His influences seem to scan the globe as one song will derive from the orient while the next reflects eastern European disco. As far as lap-top music goes, you don’t get much better than this. Mpardaiolo

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