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Officially set up in July of 2006. AJG was just about to release Tha AJG Mixtape when Emily Mahoon (head of Muzikal.) stated she wanted him to join her production team. At that moment, AJG signed the NGRC to Muzikalizate Ent. The 1st release that came out was Tha AJG Mixtape and was highly ignored of being Muzikalizate matterial because of no lines in the album stating the production team.

The next mixtape to be released was Thee Lyricist's "5032". It wasnt promoted like it should have been.

The Re-Up & In ProgressEdit

The Re-Up was later released on New Years of '07. It's considered a disappointment because of the little promotion it had. Reasons due to the poor promotion was because AJG was caught up with signing Exampl to NGRC and they were in work of their new mixtape In Progress.

While the In Progress mixtape was in work, Emily Mahoon was busy working on her new label "Reel Muzik Ind.". She was also working on dropping Drip-Drop from the production team. After In Progress was released, it was the last project from Muzikalizate before they shut down.


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