Artist: Four Tet

Date Released: May 18, 2004

Label: Domino

Produced By:


  1. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
  2. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Four Teas on English Time - Icarus Remix)
  3. First Thing/Chia
  4. I've Got Viking in Me
  5. All the Chimers


Four Tet, or Kieran Hebden as his mother knows him, creates some of the most beautiful and mind-boggling music I have ever heard. I first came across him last year when I picked up an album called Rounds after I read a justified overly-praising review about it in one magazine or another. It quickly became one of my favorite albums, banished from it's homely case to a lenghthy imprisonment of constant rotation in any one of my cd players. Hebden blends the beats of hip-hop, the production aesthetic of electronica, the instrumentation of folk and the introspective emotion of a singer/songwriter. You put on a Four Tet album after a long day in the chaotic world, when all you can do is remain paralyzed in your favorite recliner just staring and contemplating. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth is one of many potential singles from Rounds; and the word 'single' should be used lightly, because while this music is as respectable and simply amazing as it gets, mainstream radio play is profoundly doubtful. This 4-track single includes the original version (#1), along with a remix by Icarus (#2), which sounds nothing like the original song though wonderful nonetheless, and a remix by Icarus member Isambard Khroustaliov (#3), which is a more upbeat take on it. It also includes a short, cathartic track, I've Got Viking in Me (#4) and a mellow chime-based track, All the Chimers (#5). It also contains a DVD of four music videos of songs from Rounds and Pause. Mpardaiolo

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