"My Girl" is a song by Madness from 1979. It is written (and initially also sung) by pianist Mike Barson and pulled out early 1980 the second place in the British charts. In France it became the first # 1-hit


[hide]*1 History


"My Girl" was in the final version, with vocals by frontman Suggs, recorded for the debut album One Step Beyond and appeared in december 1979 as a successor of the instrumental title track. The b-side is "Steppin' Into Line" and the 12-inch version also includes "In The Rain", the first harbinger of the second album Absolutely. The music video was filmed in the local pub Dublin Castle; the live stage, where Madness in the summer of 1979 has been many a Friday night, was increased especially for this occasion.

My Guy; Tracey Ullmans version[Edit]Edit

From 1981 was "My Girl" at concerts in a ballad arrangement played with piano-intro. This formed the entertainment point of the cover version that comedienne and fellowStiffartist took up Tracey Ullman . "My guy's Mad At Me" became a hit in early 1984 but Madness was not there to speak about despite the collaboration of bassist Mark ' Bedders ' Bedford; the ever growing more seriously nutty boys therefore felt nothing for order Ullmans backing band to play in Top of the Pops. Madness broke the ties with Stiff, started a record label (a financial disaster) and played "My Girl" from 1985 in the ordinary execution. In 1986 there came an end to the Seven Year Itch Part One.


In 1992 came Madness together again following the successful collector Divine and leading up to the first reunieconcerten "My Girl" was re-released as a 2-cd. The almost thirteen years old cover design was largely updated with pictures of the band members as (balding) thirty-somethings.

Live collaborations[Edit]Edit

  • In 2006 , the band played Ordinary Boys a cover of "My Girl" and asked Suggs to sing along; It appeared as B-side of the Ordinary Boys-single "Nine-2-Five".
  • In films made In 2008 Suggs and second singer Carl ' Chas Smash ' Smyth the song at a benefit concert by the Pet Shop Boys which it itself also shooting for their Christmas EP.

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