Artist: AJG

Album: Day N Tha Lyfe

Date Released: 06/03/08

Recorded: 12/08/07

Recorded At: Exampl Studios, Rialto, CA

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Sub-Genres: New Skool

Label: SB Records

Length: 60:00

Produced By: AJG & Exampl


Originally entitled Real Lyfe Inspiration & My Lyfe, Day N Tha Lyfe will be AJG's full length sophomore album released by SB Records. AJG has confirmed a new album along with other information on his myspace page ( ) He has said that the album will once again contain production from rapper/producer/CEO Exampl but also production from new beat maker General Fresh. Rumor is that rapper CLB will be producing 1 or 2 tracks. He has also confirmed he is trying to get collabos with rappers Exampl, Young Ca$h, Espanto, CLB, Black Ice, T-Docc, King Dru & Rizoy. He has also said he is working on getting new vocalists on his album. It is said that this album will contain more personal perspective than his debut impacted. The budget for the album is considered somewhere of a starting $500 (including equiptment). The album will also, unlike it's predecessor, be recorded in multiple studios instead of focusing on Exampl Studios. The album is set for realese June 1 and recording is due to start December 8, 2007.

Pending TracklistEdit

  • Flyboi Iz Bak
  • Str8 Spittin' (Feat. Ill~Usion)
  • When The Clip Stops
  • Jus Tryna Live My Lyfe (Feat. CLB, Exampl & Espanto)
  • Raised N Tha I.E. (Feat. Espanto)
  • Get Dis Money
  • Where I'm From (Feat. T-Docc)
  • Gangstaz N Hustlaz
  • (What I'm Doin') Gett'N Money (Feat. Young Ca$h, Exampl, King Dru, T-Docc, Espanto & Birdman)
  • Echa Loungrito (Feat. Espanto)
  • Do Ya Dance (Feat. CLB)
  • What I Wanna Give 2 U
  • (All I Do Is) Think Of U
  • Nothin' W/Out U (Feat. Taylor, Malcom & King Dru)
  • No Sunshine

Cut TracksEdit

Finished TracksEdit

  • Freestyle
  • Murk 'Em (Feat. Black Ice)
  • Str8 Spittin' (Solo Version)
  • When The Clip Stops (Version 2) (Feat. C-Money & Exampl)

Unfinished TracksEdit

  • Blood On The Wall (Feat. Exampl)
  • My Lyfe

Concept IdeasEdit

  • Flyer Than A Byrd
  • Hey Girl
  • Hey Girl (Version 2)
  • My Lyfe (Exampl Produced Version)

Previous ReleaseEdit


Next ReleaseEdit


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