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My Own Prison
My Own Prison
The Cover of album.
Studio album one by Creed
Released June 18, 1997
Recorded 1994 - 1995
Genre Post-grunge
Length 47:06
Language English
Label Wind-up Records
Producer John Kurzweg
Compiler Mark Tremonti
Studio albums by creed chronology

My Own Prison
Human Clay

My Own Prison is the debut album by Creed, released on June 18, 1997. It has been certified 6x platinum and is one of the top 200 selling albums of all time in the United States. The person kneeling on the album's cover is Justin Brown, a friend of the band. The picture was taken by Mark Tremonti's brother, Daniel, for a photography class.

Wind-up Records intends to reissue the album in a 10th Anniversary Special package. This was slated for a release of November 13 2007 but, has been delayed.

Track listingEdit

# Song Title Time
1 Torn 6:23
2 Ode 4:58
3 My Own Prison 4:58
4 Pity For A Dime 5:29
5 In America 4:58
6 Illusion 4:37
7 Unforgiven 3:38
8 Sister 4:56
9 What's This Life For 4:08
10 One 5:03
Bonus Tracks
# Song Title Time
11 My Own Prison (Acoustic) 4:58
12 Bound & Tied 5:35
13 What's This Life For (Acoustic) 4:23

Success and Accomplishments Edit

Over the course of Creed's career, the album has gone on to sell 6 million copies in the United States alone.


  • Mike Avennie - Photography
  • Justin Hobart Brown - Photography, Cover Photo
  • Chris Carrol - Assistant Engineer
  • Creed - Performer, Art Direction
  • Mark Droescher - Art Direction, Design, Photography
  • Fran Flannery - Mixing Engineer
  • Andrew Martin - Executive Producer
  • John Kurzweg - Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
  • Brian Marshall - Bass
  • Scott Phillips - Drums
  • Andrew Roshberg - Digital Engineer
  • Ron Saint Germain - Mixing
  • Scott Stapp - Vocals
  • Daniel Tremonti - Photography
  • Mark Tremonti - Guitar, Vocals
  • Howie Weinberg - Mastering
  • Cece Renn Kurzweg - Photography

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