"My Pal Foot Foot" is a song by The Shaggs, appearing on their 1969 release, Philosophy of the World, as well as on the follow-up album, Shaggs' Own Thing (which would not be released until 1982). It is their best-known song. The lyrics revolve around a rather nonsensical journey to find "Foot Foot", their cat, who has run away. As with many of the Shaggs' songs, the lyrics are childlike and amusing in nature, with "Foot Foot" finally being found behind a tree. It is also notable for its complete lack of any form or structure that normally encompasses popular rock music. The musicianship is as childlike as the lyrics. The song both begins and ends with a drum solo, the latter of which, according to Rolling Stone writer Chris Connelly, "may give (the late) Keith Moon a good spin or two."[1]

"It's a true story, except for the ending," Dorothy Wiggin said in a 1980 interview. "He never came back. But I wanted a happy ending, so I changed it."[1]

Deerhoof covered this song for the Shaggs tribute album Better Than The Beatles - A Tribute To The Shaggs.

This song is paid homage in the 1997 movie Gummo when a cat named "Foot Foot" goes missing.

"Foot Foot" appears in the Daniel Clowes comic Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron in a dream sequence gnawing on the main character's foot.


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