Founded: b. 1904

N3krozoft Live in Sofia

N3krozoft Ltd live in Sofia (2004)

Headquarters: Unknown

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Band BiographyEdit

N3krozoft Ltd is a transnational electronic art group founded in the early 1990s. The group has experimented with the intersection of technology, information and arts, exploiting the creative potential of, what was then, the new media technologies of CD-ROM, multimedia, live audiovisual jamming[1], and computer-generated video installations.

Their work has been exhibited widely in international festivals, such as Viper (Basel, 2003), April Meetings (Belgrade, 2004) [1], read_me festival (Aarhus, 2004), Bucharest Biennale (Bucharest, 2006), Art+Communication 8 (Riga, 2006) [2].

The group's name is a coinage that combines "necro-" with "Microsoft", thus linking information technology with death[2], the particular spelling relating both to l33t hacker-slang and kabbalistic numerology.



N3krozoft TATY remixes

Album art for "T.A.T.Y. - The Remixes" (2003)



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