Naked Idol is a Finnish hard rock / rock / metal / pop band from Espoo, Finland, in the spring of 2006, formed, by the band leader Magnum (Sami Wolking), the former bassist of the popular rock group Lordi ) and Jones. Naked Idol released their first single "My Weakness" in 31. of March in 2010 and they released a promo of it in December too. They released their second single "Back From Oblivion" in 2011. The band parted ways with their drummer A.J in January 2012 because he didn't get along with the rest of the band. Naked Idol got a new singer, Malcolm, in August 2012. A.J was finally replaced with a Greek drummer, Jannis K. in the end of March 2013. There were also some changes in the guitarist section - the Australian Johnny E parted ways with the band in summer 2012 due to personal issues, but was replaced with a new guy in the end of 2012. Currently Naked Idol is working on their upcoming album. Their third single "Boys of Summer" hit the Finnish radios 11 July. They released it digitally 15 August. The profits from the single are given to Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund. It reached place 14 in the Finnish charts right after its release. Their fourth single "Shattered" hit the radios 12 August and was released digitally 16 September. The long-waited 5-track EP called "Filthy Fairies" was released 31 October 2013.


Current membersEdit

  • Malcolm (Malcolm Shroff) - vocals
  • Magnum (Sami Wolking) - (bass, backing vocals, keyboards & synth programming)
  • Jones - additional backing vocals
  • Anti (Antti Saari) - guitars, backing vocals, keyboards & synth programming
  • Jannis K. - drums
  • New guitarist - guitar

Former membersEdit

  • Johnny E (John Emslie) - guitars, backing vocals
  • Brian James (Brian Forth) - vocals
  • A.J (Antti Saari) - drums, backing vocals
  • Jens (Jens Kirkland) - vocals
  • Tim (Tim Norrgrann) - guitar, backing vocals)
  • Jekku (Mikko Kattelus) - drums
  • Marco (Marko Konttinen) - guitars
  • Teemu (Teemu Sarjovaara) - guitars



  • My Weakness (radio & promo release, 2010)
  1. My Weakness (4:18)
  • Back From Oblivion (promo release, 2011)
  1. Back From Oblivion (3:28)
  2. My Weakness (4:18)
  • Boys Of Summer featuring Kita (radio & digital release, 2013)
  1. Boys Of Summer (4:45)
  • Shattered featuring Kita (radio, digital & promo release, 2013)
  1. Shattered (4:07)
  2. Boys Of Summer (4:45)


  • Filthy Fairies (physical, digital & promo release, 2013)
  1. Shattered (4:07) (feat. Kita)
  2. Hungry (For You) (3:21)
  3. Filthy Fairies (3:14) (feat. Mr. Lordi & Kita)
  4. Jane (3:54)
  5. Devil Ridin' Shotgun (4:13)

External linksEdit

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