Artist: Nakia

Date Released:


Produced By:


  1. J. feat. 2Mex
  2. Red Verdun
  3. Sunken on the Trapeze Floor feat. Julianna Jai
  4. Catalyst
  5. One Day feat. Nicole G.


Self-released about a year and a half ago, Nakia is the side project of At the Drive-In/Sparta drummer Tony Hajjar. Displaying his production and drum skills, Hajjar creates 5 songs from a range of different genres all held together by his quality programming. J. is an extremely good song featuring west coast rapper 2Mex spitting quick multilingual rhymes over sparse beats. Red Verdun is an instrumental downbeat piece combining live drumming and programmed beats. Sunken on the Trapeze Floor is a lounge-y song wrapped around Julianna Jai’s soulful vocal stylings. Catalyst is a heavier song taking influences from the Middle-East. One Day is a space-y song centered around a simple piano medoly, a clever bass-line and the soft voice of Nicole G. This is definitely not a bad EP, but nothing too fantastic either. It is interesting to hear Hajjar in this setting though, and he seems pretty comfortable in the front seat of a musical project. I’m curious to see if he follows this up with anything; I’ll definitely take notice. Mpardaiolo

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