Artist: Dosh

Date Released: September 13, 2004

Label: Anticon

Produced By:


  1. Naoise
  2. Rock It to the Next Episode Remix by Fog
  3. Epic Struggles
  4. Naoise Remix by Cepia
  5. Contractions (live)
  6. Steve the Cat (live)
  7. Happy Song for Tadhg


While I do not believe Martin Dosh, of the eclectic underground hip-hop label Anticon, is usually considered as a folktronica artist, his sound on the Naoise EP could only be classified as that. Dosh uses a blend of sampled acoustic drums, piano loops and other exotic instruments to create a vibe that resembles the likes of Four Tet or Talkdemonic. Equipped with a busted Rhodes piano, a “tattered-ass drum kit,” a sampler and an assortment of effects pedals, he entered the studio with fellow Anticon artists Odd Nosdam and Why? (of cLOUDDEAD fame) and the result was a spontaneous and innovative EP to preview the release of his upcoming full length, Pure Trash. Other similar artists like Lex’s Fog and Ghostly International’s Cepia contribute well done remixes to keep the EP diverse. I actually like the remix of Naoise better than the original version. Also, #5 and #6 are two impressive live tracks from his California shows. An overall good EP that keeps you interested in the full length, and it should appeal to fans of instrumental hip-hop, folktronica and experimental music in general. Mpardaiolo

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