Nashville Skyline is the ninth studio album by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It was on april 9, 1969 by Columbia Records released. The album is characterized by the country influences. Dylan, who previously brought out plates with lots of folkand rock and rollinfluences, made this a big folder. It contains among other things "Girl from the North Country", a duet with Johnny Cash, which is near simultaneously was recording with his own band. 

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

1969 cover.

Moreover, the song "Lay Lady Lay" on this album, that would be one of his biggest hits. It reached the seventh place in the United States and the fifth place in Great Britain.


All songs written by Bob Dylan

Side one
Nr. Title Duration
1. Girl from the North Country (with Johnny Cash) 3:41
2. Nashville Skyline Rag (Instrumental) 3:12
3. To Be Alone with You   2:07
4. I Threw It All Away   2:23
5. Peggy Day   2:01
Side two
Nr. Title Duration
6. Lay Lady Lay   3:18
7. One More Night   2:23
8. Tell Me That It Isn't True   2:41
9. Country Pie   1:37
10. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You   3:23
26: 48 [1][2]

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