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Full Name: Neko Case

Born: September 8, 1970

Home: Tacoma, WA / Alexandria, VA / Vancouver, BC

Website Link(s): Official Site


  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Guitar




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Neko Case is technically an American, but often times she's thought of as Canadian, as she lived in Vancouver, BC for a time and would often work with many bigger Canadian acts, including cub (perhaps most known for having a song of theirs covered by They Might Be Giants). She's done quite a bit with punk bands, though she's primarily thought of as an Alt. Country musician. She's also one of The New Pornographers. She considers Tacoma, WA to be her home town, and some of her songs are about her experiences growing up in the area. Her band was called "Her Boyfriends", though it was basically just her and a rotating lineup of backing musicians.





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