Dame Nellie Melba (Richmond, (now a suburb of Melbourne), 1861 – May 19, Sydney23 February 1931) was an Australian soprano. Her real name was Helen Porter Mitchell; they borrowed her artist name to the city of Melbourne. She was the first Australian musician of world renown.

She was born in Richmond (now part of the city of Melbourne) in a musical family and went to the Presbyterian Ladies College, a prestigious private school, where her musical talent emerged. In 1880 she moved with her father to Queensland. They married there and had a son, but there was not happy.

In 1886 she went with her family to Europe and tried to build a career as an opera singer. She had no success in London and continued her attempts inParis, where a well-known music teacher, Madame Marchesi, wanted to give her lesson. Thus began a professional career that lasted until the 1920s.She was in 1918 Royal differentiated. [source? ]After having said goodbye to several times, she gave her very last concerts in Australia in 1928 . She died in 1931 to a blood infection and was buried in Lilydale, at Coldstream.

Her name[Edit]Edit

Her name is associated with two dishes, the pêche melba dessert , and the Melba toast. Both are created by the chef Auguste Escoffier; the Court when he saw her action, the toast was when he fell in love with her. [source?]

Also known in Australia the expression "more comebacks than Nellie Melba", which refers to its many farewell concerts. This is the "Australian Heintje Davids". The Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music of the University of Melbourne is known as the Melba Hall and her portrait is on the Australiandollar note of 100.

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