Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell ('Live in Europe' for the U.S. market and 'Live at Wacken' for the European market) is a posthumous live album by Heaven & Hell. Recorded at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany on 30 July 2009, it was released in the U.S. on 16 November 2010 and in Japan on October 27, 2010 (Deluxe Website Version) and November 10, 2010 (retail version). It includes songs from the three official Dio-eraBlack Sabbath albums, as well as songs from The Devil You Know. The album was released in both CD and DVD formats, and the DVD also includes interviews regarding the 30th anniversary of the release of Heaven and Hell and a tribute to Ronnie James Dio, in addition to the concert recording.[2][3][4][5]


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs composed by Geezer ButlerRonnie James Dio and Tony Iommi, unless otherwise noted.

CD Tracklist[edit]Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Mob Rules"   3:46
2. "Children of the Sea"   Butler, Dio, Iommi, Bill Ward 6:30
3. "I"   6:16
4. "Bible Black"   6:29
5. "Time Machine"   4:39
6. "Fear"   4:36
7. "Falling Off the Edge of the World"   5:39
8. "Follow the Tears"   6:11
9. "Die Young"   Butler, Dio, Iommi, Ward 6:41
10. "Heaven and Hell"   Butler, Dio, Iommi, Ward 17:48
11. "Neon Knights"   Butler, Dio, Iommi, Ward 5:45

DVD Tracklist[edit]Edit

No. Title Length
1. "E5150"  
2. "Mob Rules"  
3. "Children of the Sea"  
4. "I"  
5. "Bible Black"  
6. "Time Machine"  
7. "Fear"  
8. "Falling off the Edge of the World"  
9. "Follow the Tears"  
10. "Die Young"  
11. "Heaven and Hell"  
12. "Country Girl"  
13. "Neon Knights"  


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