Neu! 2
Neu! 2 cover
Studio album by Neu!
Released 1973
Recorded Windrose-Dumont-Time-Studios, Hamburg
Genre Krautrock / Progressive Rock / Artrock / Experimental Rock
Length 41:54
Label Brain (1973)</br>Grönland Records (2001)
Producer Conny Plank, Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother
Neu! chronology
Neu! 2 Neu! '75

Neu! 2 is the second album of German krautrock group Neu!.

History Edit

After the successful first album Neu! Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother ambitionly worked on a second album. It should have been as successful as the first album.

During the recordings, Dinger and Rother had trouble about the sound structures. Rother wanted more melodious parts, Dinger wanted to put more chaos and anarchy into their music.

Less time and money caused further problems. The production ran out of money but the record label Brain doesn't seem to care and so the procutions suddenly stopped. Side 2 is made up entirely of their previously released single "Neuschnee/Super", manipulated at various playback speeds on a record player, or mangled in a cassette recorder. Critics at the time dismissed this as a cheap gimmick and a rip-off. While it was indeed an experiment born of desperation and necessity, it was entirely in keeping with Neu's pop art aesthetics, taking a "ready-made" sound object and re-presenting it with a series of stylized manipulations, and also quite in keeping with the way Neu's music deconstructed and pared down the form of rock music.

In the 1990's there were a number of Bootlegs available. In 2001, Herbert Grönemeyer re-relased the first three Neu!-albums on his label Grönland Records on CD and LP.

Track listing Edit

All songs written and composed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Für Immer" ("Forever") 11:17
2. "Spitzenqualität" ("Top Quality") 3:35
3. "Gedenkminute (für A + K)" ("Minute's Silence (For A + K)") 2:06
4. "Lila Engel" ("Lilac Angel") 4:37

Side two
No. Title Length
5. "Neuschnee 78" ("Fresh Snow 78") 2:32
6. "Super 16"   3:39
7. "Neuschnee" ("Fresh Snow") 4:07
8. "Cassetto" ("Cassette") 1:48
9. "Super 78"   1:36
10. "Hallo Excentrico!" ("Hello Excentrico!") 3:44
11. "Super"   3:11

Critisizm Edit

Many former musical artists rated this album as cheap and distorted. Other ones say this album is an example for real krautrock and has been an inspirtaion for future artists. Neu! has shown the music industry what they think about them. It might be because of missing support after running out of money and less time.

Cast Edit

Klaus Dinger: Japan banjo, 11-string guitar, Percussion, Farfisa Piano, Bandoneon, voices, electronics, turntable

Michael Rother: guitar, bass, piano, deh guitar, violin, Zither, Percussion, electronics und cassette recorder.

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  • CD-Booklet

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