Artist: Neutrino

Date Released: May 4, 2004

Label: Mush

Produced By:


  1. Rock Oil
  2. R.S.
  3. Moo-D
  4. Poetic Silence
  5. GP
  6. Syupaman
  7. You Effort
  8. Brand New Old Land
  9. D-Planets
  10. There is No Protection Here


As I reached for the last disc in my “Cds to Review” stack, I stumbled upon the simple, yet hauntingly dark and emotional artwork on Neutrino’s sophomore release on Mush Records. Much a reflection of the cover, the Japanese duo, consisting of Atsuhiro Murakami and Hideki Kuroda, create minimal late-night grooves that could be as easily rhymed over as simply engrossed by the listener as its own musical entity. Production is experimental and forward thinking, yet confined in the warm sound of analog recording. The moody hip-hop-based style rivals DJ Shadow or Blockhead, yet contains subtle Japanese influences separating it from others. The most note-worthy and defining characteristic on this album is the way each song sounds so fluid, as if they were improvised on the spot; there is an undeniable jazz echo throughout the entire album. Neutrino would be the perfect soundtrack for a 2a.m. post-downpour drive through an empty city, the music being the audio equivalent of the thousands of indecipherable reflections of neon signs and flashing lights on an indistiguishable horizon. Mpardaiolo

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