The New Fall Festival (individual typing: NEW F∀LL FESTIVAL) is a festival in Düsseldorf, first held in 2011. Realised by ssc-Group GmbH, program and plannings made by Manuel Schottmüller, Hamed Shahi and Paul Cheetham.

The festival is hold for few days, mostly in october including 3 to 5 locations within city area of Düsseldorf.


The first New Fall Festival debuted with any problems. The only exception was when the concert by Jochen Distelmeyer has been canceled. The concert was scheduled for 12 october 8:00 pm. Due to a flu Distelmeyer had not the physical condition to perform this day.

Datum Künster Auftrittsort
11 october Ólafur Arnalds Robert-Schumann-Saal
Scott Matthews
12 october Julia Marcell
13 october Nouvelle Vague Tonhalle
Edda Magnason
James Yuill Robert-Schumann-Saal
Cloud Boat
14 october Agnes Obel
15 october Jens Lekman
16 october Gentleman Tonhalle


The line-up for 2012 included several changes. Many bands canceled their performances and were filled in by other bands.

  • The group When Saints Go Machine, scheduled for 6 october, were filled in by Stealing Sleep
  • the 5 october included two additional performances. For this, one performance for 4 october has been canceled and shrinked the line-up to three performances
Datum Künster Auftrittsort
3 october The Notwist Tonhalle
Ewert And The Two Dragons
4 october Get Well Soon Robert-Schumann-Saal
Dear Reader
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Tonhalle
5 october Caligola
Rudi Zygadlo
Stealing Sleep Robert-Schumann-Saal
6 october Dillon
Stabil Elite
7 october Tindersticks
The Black Atlantic


This year, the Da Vinci Saal at the Hotel Nikko became the third location up to now.

Datum Künster Auftrittsort
31 october Woodkid With Members Of The
Tonhalle Düsseldorf Youth Orchestra
Friska Viljor
(Support: Patrick Bishop)
Moddi Da Vinci Saal (Hotel Nikko)
1 november Element Of Crime
(Support: Honig)
Wallis Bird Robert-Schumann-Saal
Nils Frahm
(Support: Lambert)
Da Vinci Saal (Hotel Nikko)
2 november Tocotronic Tonhalle
Billy Bragg
(Support: frYars)
Roosevelt Da Vinci Saal (Hotel Nikko)
3 november Birdy Robert-Schumann-Saal


The Bachsaal of the Johannes' church is another location that comes new this year

Line-up changes:

  • The performance of the band Balthazar, scheduled for 9 october at the Johannes' church's Bachsaal, has been canceled. There were no reason announced.
  • Prformance of Malaysian singer Yuna were also canceled.
Date Artist Location
October 9 Maxim and the Cello orchestra
of the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule
Mulatu Astatke Tanzhaus NRW
October 10 Mogwai Tonhalle
Erlend Øye & The Rainbows Robert-Schumann-Saal
OK Kid Bachsaal (Johanneskirche)
New International Talents:
Oscar & The Wolf
Fair Weather
Andrew Shapiro
Hotel Nikko
October 11 London Grammar Tonhalle
José González Robert-Schumann-Saal
Maeckes Johanneskirche
Sohn Bachsaal (Johanneskirche)
Rats And Children
Tanzhaus NRW
New International Talents:
I Am Oak
The New Spring
Hotel Nikko
October 12 Kaiser Chiefs Tonhalle
Judith Holofernes Robert-Schumann-Saal
Sébastien Tellier Tanzhaus NRW


On wednesday and thursday, there was a special event due to the ELECTRI_CITY Conference. The readings of Dorau and Malchow at the Hotel Nikko were broadcasted at 1LIVE Klubbing.[1] Due to sickness of Darkstar singer Aiden Whalley, James Young will perform a solo DJ set

Date Artist Location
October 28 Malky Bachsaal/Johanneskirche
Academic Symposium im Rahmen
der ELECTRI_CITY Conference
October 29
(Support: Chassol)
Balthazar Tanzhaus NRW
October 30 Boy
(Support: Husky
Patrice Capitol Theater
(Support: Chassol)
Curtis Harding Tanzhaus NRW
(Support: Bergfilm · Malta)
Hotel Nikko
Ein Abend mit Freunden
(an evening with friends)
NRW Forum
Boy DJ-Set
(Support: DJ Thorrissey)
October 31 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
(Support: Bosbau)
Marianne Faithfull Capitol Theater
Bernhoft & Band
(Support: Rationale)
NRW Abend:
Bukahara · Keshavara · Woman
Tanzhaus NRW
James Young DJ set
(Support: Gosto · Die Wilde Jagd)
Hotel Nikko
Thees Uhlmann (Lesung) NRW Forum
November 1 Alligatoah & RheinBrass der Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Tonhalle
Olli Schulz & Band Capitol Theater
Two Gallants
(Support: Wellness)
Tanzhaus NRW
Andreas Dorau & Helge Malchow (Lesung) Hotel Nikko


For the first time the New Fall Festival is also held in Stuttgart. Six artist will perfrom in both cities, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. The Adam Green concert changed its location and Adam Green performs at the Capitol Theater[2]

Düsseldorf [3]Edit

Date Artist Location
26. Oktober Jain Sipgate
27. Oktober Explosions In The Sky
(Support: Shipwrecks)
James Vincent McMorrow Bachsaal
Grandbrothers Johanneskirche
Brandt Bauer Frick
28. Oktober Regina Spektor ccd Stadthalle
NRW Abend
Moglebaum · Giant Rooks · Blackberries · The Day Goldroger
Capitol Club
Dillon & Chor Robert-Schumann-Saal
All The Luck In The World Bachsaal
James Rhodes Johanneskirche
Agnes Obel
Sarah & Julian Me And All Hotel
29. Oktober Wilco ccd Stadthalle
Kate Tempest Capitol Theater
Roosevelt Capitol Club
John Grant
(Support: Frances)
James Hersey Bachsaal
Agnes Obel Johanneskirche
Wyoming Me And All Hotel
30. Oktober Deine Freunde + Rheinbrass Capitol Theater
Adam Green
Silversun Pickups
(Support: Lucy Dacus)
Capitol Club

Stuttgart [4]Edit

Date Artist Location
27. Oktober Dillon & Chor Mozart-Saal
28. Oktober Boy Mozart-Saal
Wanda Hegel-Saal
Grandbrothers Neues Schloss
29. Oktober Regina Spektor Hegel-Saal
Brandt Bauer Frick Neues Schloss
30. Oktober Wilco Beethoven-Saal
Agnes Obel
(Support: Frances)
James Rhodes Neues Schloss


Düsseldorf [5]Edit

On September 30, there was a previw concert performed by Bela B. at the sipgate, Medienhafen area in Düsseldorf. Accessible for owners of Believer and early bird tickets as well as for exclusive invited guests.[6]

Date Artist Location
16. November Die Höchste Eisenbahn Robert-Schumann-Saal
Mogli Johanneskirche
Julien Baker Bachsaal
Little Dragon Capitol Theater
Tune-Yards Tanzhaus NRW
17. November Tom Odell Tonhalle
Alice Merton Robert-Schumann-Saal
Sophia Bachsaal
Alice Phoebe Lou Johanneskirche
Sudan Archioves Me And All Hotel
Megaloh + Rheinbrass Capitol Theater
Fil Bo Riva Tanzhaus NRW
18. November Glen Hansard Tonhalle
Michael Kiwanuka
Kensington Robert-Schumann-Saal
Isolation Berlin + Love A + Gurr Sipgate
Thurston Moore Johanneskirche
Lasse Mathiessen Me And All Hotel
POPNRW Abend mit
Woman, Love Machine, Xul Solar, Suzan Köcher
Tanzhaus NRW
19. November Destroyer Capitol Club
Amadou + Mariam Capitol Theater
Anna Ternheim Tanzhaus NRW

Stuttgart [7]Edit

Date Artist Location
15. November Glen Hansard Beethovel-Saal
16. November Alice Phoebe Lou Neues Schloss
17. November Olli Schulz Carl-Benz-Arena
Die Höchste Eisenbahn Mozart-Saal
Tune-Yards Straßenbahnwelt
18. November Tom Odell Carl-Benz-Arena
Little Dragon Mozart-Saal
Anna Ternheim Neues Schloss
BaWü-Abend mit
Rikas, Fibel, JFR Moon, Levin Goes Lightly
19. November Michael Kiwanuka Carl-Benz-Arena

External linksEdit


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