Artist: Paul Brill

Date Released: October 19, 2004

Label: Scarlet Shame

Produced By:


  1. Trindade
  2. Weekday Bender
  3. Everything I Believe In
  4. Comeback Kid
  5. Lay Down Your Weary Head
  6. Powerlines
  7. Indian Summer
  8. Daylight Scars
  9. Desert Song
  10. New Pagan Love Song
  11. The Troubled Life of Herschel Grimes
  12. Blood In, Blood Out


New York native Paul Brill, formerly of SF Envelope, has released New Pagan Love Song, the follow up to 2003’s EP and LP, both titled Sisters. On the new album, Brill calls the sound “electricana,” (a combination of electronica and Americana) but I am not sure if I like that description. Firstly, there are not many sounds that most people would categorize as electronica. The album is built around sampled and looped instruments, rather than the bloops and bleeps that I immediately think of with the word, electronica. Secondly, I have real trouble pronouncing “electricana,” which is irrelevant to the album, but is essential in creating a catchy genre name that people will remember. I do like the Americana description though, because Brill sticks closely to the singer/songwriter genre (with just a slight country twang). Not to mention he is an amazing storyteller… New Pagan Love Song is a concept album about an amnesiac coming to turns with all of the reckless behavior and moral indignities he committed without realizing or remembering. Its not often that a complete and creative story like that makes it onto a cd. New Pagan Love Song is a well written and well produced album that will please fans of slower, story-oriented indie-rock (i.e. The Decemberists), experimental singer/songwriters and Americana. Mpardaiolo

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