Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Website Link(s): NMD Website, NMD MySpace, Buy "Spirit of the Donks" Album




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Four guys, eight eyes, and a barrel of intestines - come let us adore them.

New MaximumDonkey has created a successful musical career off of their high-energy live performances and catchy songwriting influenced by sixties rock, but with an edge. The Beatles meet Jane's Addiction and Nirvana.

For seven years, the band has consistently performed in the Los Angeles area and over the past 3 years have had multiple successful national tours. The band always gets new crowds unfamiliar to the music to sing along at their shows.

Last year, they released their first full-length studio-produced album, "Spirit of the Donks" with producers Rob Hoffman and Heather Holley (responsible for recordings with Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Hole, and more). The band also recorded the instrumental track for Christina Aguilera's European single (for Mercedes Benz), "Hello." And this year, they will release a 5-song EP with producer Ben Vaughn (created music for "That 70's Show" and produced Ween's first album among others).

Catchy melodies, great harmonies, and power-pop rock with a bit of silliness thrown in, New MaximumDonkey will have you dancing, singing, and laughing all the way home.



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