Nick Disbray is an Australian singer best known as a member of 1980s rock group Big Pig, where he shared lead vocals with Sherine Abeyratne.


Following the demise of Big Pig in 1990, Disbray released the solo album Yep! in 1994. The album is available free at along with "The Jazz Album" and the "Going To The Church" E.P. In September 2004, Disbray released the E.P. containing the single "Going to the Church". All discs were released on Vivid Records. He now lives in Queensland running the Bunker music agency - - and is involved as a developer for



  • Yep! (June 1994)


  • E.P. (September 2004)


From Yep!

  • Ordinary People
  • Good Woman
  • 3 Things

From E.P.

  • Going to the Church

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