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Musical numbersEdit


  • "Overture" – Instrumental

Act IEdit

  • "Fine Beginnings" – Ralph, Nicholas, Kate, Mrs. Nickleby
  • "The Saracen's Head" – Chorus
  • "Brimstone and Treacle" – Squeers, Mrs. Squeers, Boys
  • "Speculation" – Fanny Squeers, Matilda Price, Nicholas, John Browdie
  • "Mantalini's" – Kate, Mantalini's Girls
  • "The Boy Smike" – Squeers, Mrs. Squeers
  • "The Crummles Theatre Company" – Crummles, Chorus
  • "Sir Mulberry Hawk" – Ralph, Verisopht, Hawk, Pyke, Pluck
  • "The Crummles Theatre Company (Reprise)" – Nicholas, Crummles, Chorus

Act IIEdit

  • "Entr'acte" – Instrumental
  • "London at Last" – Nicholas, Chorus
  • "The Brothers Cheeryble – Nicholas, Charles, Ned
  • "New Song" – Nicholas, Madeline
  • "Soldier On" – Peg Sliderskew
  • "Madeline's Rescue" – Nicholas, Ralph
  • "The Wheel of Fortune" – Squeers, Chorus, Street Children
  • "Eden" – Nicholas, Smike
  • "My Own Child" – Ralph
  • "Claim the Day" – Nicholas, Company

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