Nightcap is a double album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1993. It is not a standard studio album, but does include single studio songs that were never released until then.

The first album, subtitled My Round, contains the infamous Château d'Isaster Tapes recorded in the renowned Château d'Hérouville, August 1972. This was originally the successor of Thick As A Brick, but Ian Anderson stopped when the shooting because he was not at all to speak about the quality of the studio and then wrote A Passion Playback in London as a successor. The tapes were considered lost, but were found when cleaning up the archive in the late 1980s. Thanks to the digital revolution , it was then possible to screws in quality on the tapes. Thus was born a good album.

The second album, subtitled Your Round, is a collection of unreleased songs, recorded over the years.

  • Number 1, 2 and 4: 1974 at Morgan Studios, Fulham, London.
  • Number 9: 1975 at Maison Rouge Mobile Studio.
  • Number 15: 1978 at Maison Rouge Mobile Studio, Fulham, London.
  • Number 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 16: 1981 at Maison Rouge Studios, Fulham, London.
  • Number 10: 1988, Ian Anderson's private studio.
  • Number 18: 1989, Ian Anderson's private studio,
  • Number 3, 5, 8 and 14: 1990, Ian Anderson's private studio,
  • Number 17: 1991, Ian Anderson's private studio and Woodworm Studios.

Introduction by Ian Anderson[Edit]Edit

"This collection of unreleased recordings so far is now available at the request of many hard-core Tull fans who, over the years, discovered the existence of this material. From most sessions for studio albums from the past came a song or two more than necessary. Sometimes these songs not on the album because they have too much resembled one of their brothers or sisters: sometimes, like maybe noted, because they differed too much! 1973 the dishonorable recording sessions in the Chateau D'Herouville sessions, near Paris, were never completed due to bad health, technical and production problems, and the sudden decision by the band to return to the UK by temporary and unwise belastingsballingschap. Instead of continuing with the Chateau Tapes, we decided to start over with a like-new project what fast it more down-beat and controversial was A Passion Play . So, here it is. Not everyone's cup of tea, but a somewhat dizzying nightcap for old friends-a drink before they lay their head down to dream of what might have been.

Lest anyone thinks (though understandable) that these buttocks Squeezer collection purely the exploitation of wart-o uitbraakselen is to get back to earn a measly cents, I would like it to be known that we fought hard to have the price of this set on the lowest possible level and that I have all the songwriting fees to forward of this material that I donate to The Animal Health Trust and Balnair House, Home Of Highland Music."


  • CD1: My Round, or Château d'Isaster Tapes
  1. First Post
  2. Animelée
  3. Tiger Show
  4. Look At The Animals
  5. Law Of The Bungle
  6. Law Of The Bungle Part II
  7. Left Right
  8. Solitaire
  9. Critique Oblique
  10. Post Last
  11. Scenario
  12. Audition
  13. No Rehearsal
  • CD2: Your Round
  1. Paradise Steakhouse
  2. Sealion II
  3. Piece Of Cake
  4. Quartet
  5. Silver River Turning
  6. Crew Nights
  7. The Curse
  8. Rosa On The Factory Floor
  9. A Small Cigar
  10. Man Of Principle
  11. Commons Brawl
  12. No Step
  13. Drive On The Young Side Of Life
  14. I Don't Want To Be Me
  15. Broadford Bazaar
  16. Lights Out
  17. Truck Stop Runner
  18. Hard Liner

Line up ' Château d'Isaster Tapes '[Edit]Edit

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