Nihilistic Outlaw: Criminal Order- (2005-2012)Edit

NxOxCxOx was formed in late Dec. 2005/early 2006 when vocalists Paul
and Chris left there previous band of 2 yrs called Doomsday Conspiracy for more rawer, noiser, deranged, darker, choatic and faster kind of music. NxOxCxOx recorded 16 demos with Chris doing all the music and Paul- vocals/concepts/iideas. They went thru 9 lineup changes. In 2008 the Paul and Chris recuited Louis and Bardo of the band Self Hatred among the band which they recorded a demo (never released) "Storms Of Terror," Louis and Bardo brought a new sound to the band from noise grindcore to a Southern grindcore groove (solos, etc.) which is totally unheard of in the genre. Bardo left the band to go to college in late 2008. Following the recording this demo... the band move forward by playing shows then they started to record their debut "Enemy Of The Scene" 10 songs with a time total of 17 minutes with Al Polland at Cyclone Recordings in Lubbock, Tx in 2009 then released by Dark Philospohy Records then re-released on Necrogam/Stockpicker Records in 2010. In winter 2010 have enlisted bassist Anton former member of The Collapse Of A Little Panda in the band. A overdue break and focus on other personal endeavors. Then after NxOxCxOx mini-2010 summer 4 date Texas tour they parted ways with Louis over muscial differences and yet another lineup changes. Joe (ex- Anicent Remains then later/ex Weedgrinder) joined as full-time drummer as Chris (Weedgrinder) took over guitar duties once Louis departure. The band then went into Devil's Rope Studios in Amarillo, Texas in 2011 to record there 2nd album "Profit For Armaggedom" minus Anton who was still in the band but never officially recorded with the band. The band sound got bit slower some parts grinder on the 2nd album.

Last known Nihilistic Outlaw Criminal Order lineup:

Paul S. - Vocals/Concepts, Joe C. - Drums/Energy Drinks and Chris O. - Guitar.

A 3rd album was in the works but due to Paul's disappointment with the musical direction took upon himself the scrap the album before doing any vocals. Soon after the recording of the bands 3rd cd Paul (growls/concepts/co-founder) decided to quit the band over musical differences and personal conflicts (The 2nd NxOxCxOx album will be properly and respectively released in the near future). Paul felt the band ran it course and laid the band to rest for good.

As for the whereabouts of the band members are doing other musical projects which names are witheld for further notice.

NxOxCxOx Is Dead!!!!!


Support Music Not Rumors!!!

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