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A common misconception is that Nine Lives is the name of Deuce's band. Deuce, however, describes Nine Lives as a "gang" of musicians and friends who get together to create, share and enjoy music the movement has since expanded from Los Angeles and has gained a large online-following (mainly through social networking sites; Twitter and Facebook). Many people worldwide claim to represent and support Nine Lives, often referring to themselves as "S9LDIERS". Truth is C.E.O. of the Nine Lives movement, and runs the company from an office located on Vine, between Hollywood and Franklin. Truth has given the term a similar description as Deuce, adding that "Nine Lives" is also a clothing line/brand, partnered with American Apparel.

Behind the Scenes With Deuce and 9 LIVES03:55

Behind the Scenes With Deuce and 9 LIVES

video 1 be hind the scenes 9Lives

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Behind The Scenes With Deuce and 9LIVES03:22

Behind The Scenes With Deuce and 9LIVES

video 2 be hind the Scenes 9Lives

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