Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 2002

Label: Rounder / Idlewild

Produced By: They Might Be Giants / Pat Dillett


  1. Fibber Island
  2. Four Of Two
  3. Robot Parade
  4. No!
  5. Where Do They Make Balloons?
  6. In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle
  7. Violin
  8. John Lee Supertaster
  9. The Edison Museum
  10. The House At The Top Of The Tree
  11. Clap Your Hands
  12. I Am Not Your Broom
  13. Wake Up Call
  14. I Am A Grocery Bag
  15. Lazyhead And Sleepybones
  16. Bed Bed Bed
  17. Sleepwalkers

This is the first They Might Be Giants children's album and the better of the two. Since there isn't an overarching theme like Here Come The ABCs, it's more accessible no matter your age. Also, there's a few odd choices for a children's record; after seeing a live children's show, it became clear that children do not understand the white boy funk of "John Lee Supertaster" and the vocoded vocals on "Robot Parade" are scary as hell live. But, hey, on the record it probably works, and it's one adult fans can go back to, too! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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