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Artist: Southside Hustla & DJ Co2

Date Released: ??.??.2006

Label: NGRC Productions

Produced By: Brandon Murray (Southside Hustla) & DJ Co2


No Introduction is the online-debut mixtape from Southside Hustla and the 3rd (2nd to be thought of) side-project of The Non-Gank Reckin' Crew.Very little info gaven from Southside Hustla about the project, but he promises it before the end of 2006.


  1. The "Hustla"
  2. No Introduction
  3. Whip It Reel Hard (ft. AJG)
  4. Fall Bak (ft. F-A-K-E)
  5. Who I Is?
  6. Shine
  7. The Hustla On Being 16...
  8. My Town (ft. NGRC)
  9. The Don (ft. AJG & CLB)
  10. Cannon (Chucktown Remix)
  11. 16 Bars Of Love
  12. Get 'Em (ft. AJG & F-A-K-E)
  13. The Hustla On Fame...
  14. Diamonds (ft. Lil' Wayne)
  15. Fitted Capz, White T's & Nikes
  16. The Hustla On Spruill Avenue...
  17. Tha Hood (ft. CLB, F-A-K-E & AJG)
  18. Da Life
  19. Gangsta Grillz (Dedication)
  20. The Hustla On Hard Work...
  21. NGRC - Mix

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Fight N Da Dawg

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