Artist: AJG

Date Released: December 1st, 2006

Label: NGRC Productions

Produced By: AJG


No Luv (The One Blood Remix) is a remix to AJG's 3rd single off Tha AJG Mixtape. No Luv. It will be released simutaneously along with Re-Up, a single from AJG's sophmore mixtape The Re-Up. It is also verified as a diss towards 50 Cent & Jay-Z.

50 Cent AJG addresses 50 Cent with these couple bars:

  • "No more of dat 50 cent gank shit
  • Fuck “9 Bullets Later" & yo mama too, face it
  • U got G-unit but Game rockin G-Unot
  • And datz xactly wat u iz, u say u G but You-Not!"

Jay-Z And disses Jay-Z by saying:

  • "I spit game like this aint nuthin like Hova
  • I’m passed a Jay-Z style, they try to stunt like the owner"

Other than that, AJG has revealed this will take out on Myspace & Soundclick around January 2007 as a lead-off single for Tha Remix Mixtape. The promotional cd single is to be released 12-12-06 in Rialto, California. It wil be entitled: Tha Remix Promo-Tape.

No Luv One Blood Remix Lyrics


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