Noble Starr (born 13 November) has an occupation as a singer-songwriter. His music has been heard by hundreds of people around the world.

Starr’s fan base is growing as he is discovered by new people every day on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He spends most of his time, writing new songs hoping to perform them in the future. He was inspired by Sia Furler to write music.

Music Edit

NobleStarr developed a reputation for composing music from scratch. He composed two short pieces by the titles “Pay It Forward” and “Last Day” which were promoted on his YouTube channel. He has been singing for over half of his life.At the age of 13, he wrote his first single,“Another Me.” Another Me was about finding a doppelganger.

Music teacher Jonathan Edgeton was featured on his first single "Another Me" Edgeton co-composed the instrumental accomplishments for “Another Me” and “To Love - I Will Love You” A woman by the name Randall Lee composed a guitar instrumental accomplishment for NobleStarr’s “Last Day” song.

Discography Edit

  • Pay It Forward (2014)
  • Last Day (2015)
  • Another Me (2016)
  • To Love (2016)
  • Despondent (2016)

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