Northern Lights
Studio album by Gareth Emery
Released September 28, 2010
Genre Electronic dance music
Length 1:24:16
Label Garuda, Maelstrom Records, Napith Music
Producer Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery chronology
Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the debut studio album produced by Electronic dance music artist Gareth Emery, released on September 28, 2010.

Track listingEdit

Northern Lights
No. TitleLyrics Length
1. "Stars (with Jerome Isma-Ae)"  Jerome Isma-Ae 7:11
2. "El Segundo"    5:53
3. "Too Dark Tonight (feat. Roxanne Emery)"  Roxanne Emery 7:33
4. "Arrival (feat. Brute Force)"    5:31
5. "Into the Light (feat. Mark Frisch)"    5:18
6. "Full Tilt"    7:46
7. "Sanctuary (feat. Lucy Saunders)"    7:27
8. "Citadel"    5:31
9. "Fight the Sunrise (feat. Lucy Saunders)"    5:38
10. "All Is Now (with Activa)"  Rob Stevenson 6:07
11. "I Will Be the Same (feat. Emma Hewitt)"  Anthony Hewitt, Emma Hewitt 7:14
12. "Global (Freedom Music Mix)"    7:09
13. "On a Good Day (Metropolis)(with Above & Beyond feat. OceanLab)"    5:58

Northern Lights Re-LitEdit

Northern Lights Re-Lit (2011) - remixes album, released March 09, 2011 in UK on GARUDA and March 18, 2011 in US on label Napith Music. Re-released in UK on GARUDA with others length on tracks without track 13 (Northern Lights Re-Lit (Continuous Mix))

Northern Lights
No. TitleLyrics Length
1. "Arrival (feat. Brute Force)(Ashley Wallbridge Intro Mix)"    6:21
2. "El Segundo (Arty Remix)"    8:08
3. "Stars (feat. Jerome Isma-Ae) (Hardwell Remix)"    6:48
4. "Full Tilt (Beltek Remix)"    7:08
5. "Too Dark Tonight (feat. Roxanne Emery)(John O'Callaghan Remix)"  Roxanne Emery 7:18
6. "Citadel (Super8 & Tab Remix)"    6:49
7. "I Will Be The Same (feat. Emma Hewitt)(Dennis Sheperd Remix)"  Anthony Hewitt, Emma Hewitt 6:51
8. "Global (Jordan Suckley Remix)"    7:11
9. "Into The Light (feat. Mark Frisch)(Lange Remix)"  Anthony Galatis, Gareth Emery, Mark Frisch 3:32
10. "Fight The Sunrise (feat. Lucy Saunders)(Daniel Kandi Remix)"  Anthony Galatis, Gareth Emery, Mark Frisch 4:17
11. "Sanctuary (feat. Lucy Saunders)(Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)"  Anthony Galatis, Gareth Emery, Mark Frisch 7:24
12. "All Is Now (feat. Activa)(Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)"  Rob Stevenson 9:02
13. "Northern Lights Re-Lit (Continuous Mix)"    1:05:34

Release historyEdit

Country Release Date
UK Template:Start date
UK November 15, 2010


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