Artist: Laura Cantrell

Label: Diesel Only

Produced By: Jay Sherman-Godfrey


  1. Not The Trembling Kind
  2. Little Bit Of You
  3. Queen Of The Coast
  4. Pile Of Woe
  5. Two Seconds
  6. Churches Off The Interstate
  7. The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter
  8. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
  9. Big Wheel
  10. My Heart Goes Out To You
  11. Somewhere, Some Night
  12. The Way It Is


Laura Cantrell's first full-length album. Oh man, I could marry this record. Just really, really great old-style country, back before it turned into "shitty pop music as sung by someone who may or may not have had a Southern accent at one time". About 2/3s of this album are covers (but really great covers, and rarely any Big Hit Songs you'd probably have heard by other artists) and 1/3 is originals. Definitely recommended. If you want to hear new country music done the way it should be done, pick this one up. Much closer to Patsy Cline and stuff like that, than the Shania Twain/Gretchen Wilson bullshit that's been proven to make ears vomit from 50 feet away. Christ, I hate that shit. Rev. Syung Myung Me

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