Artist: The Paper Chase

Date Released: 2006

Label: Kill Rock Stars

Produced By:


  1. It's Out There and It's Gonna Get You
  2. We Know Where You Sleep
  3. The Kids Will Grow Up to be Assholes
  4. Wait Until I Get My Hands on You
  5. You Will Never Take Me Alive
  6. Delivered in a Firm Unyielding Way Lingering for Just a Bit Too Long
  7. The Most Important Part of Your Body
  8. What's So Amazing About Grace
  9. You're One of Them Aren't You?
  10. The Song Will Eat Itself
  11. ...And All the Candy You Can Eat
  12. All Manner of Pox or Canker
  13. At the Other End of the Leash
  14. We Will Make You One of US
  15. The House is ALive and the House is Hungry

There were little to no good products of the late 90s early 00s confusingly popular emo scene (gasp! Did he just mention those of who we do not speak of???), save maybe Cursive and of course the creepy, cinematic emo of Dallas’s The Paper Chase. Three albums deep, songwriter/singer/producer John Congleton has nearly perfected his craft of urgent and terrorizing indie-rock teamed with paranoid-stricken samples, haunting pianos and strings that would make Hitchcock flee in horror. Cogleton’s voice is once again front-and-center and has not dropped even half a step from it’s rung high on the octave ladder. It also still remains the toughest characteristic to get past for new listeners, especially since it is much more adept for pre-pubescent pop-punk. But just like a David Lynch movie, it’s strange enough to make you come back for multiple plays, even if just to try and decipher why so many people are into it. If you were a fan of [[God Bless Your Black Heart:The Paper Chase|God Bless Your Black Heart, than you will not be disappointed; if this is your first Paper Chase experience, be wary, but give it a chance because it is significant, even if just for the Cogleton’s ridiculously demented ambition. Mpardaiolo

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